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About Anthony

We were Blessed on July 13, 1987, with a healthy baby boy who we named after both his grandfathers, Anthony and Vincent. He joined his five year old sister, Stephanie, and his birth completed our family. We thanked God for giving us our beautiful son and daughter.

Black BeltsAnthony's childhood was spent doing all the things boys do. He didn't walk, he ran; if there was something to climb on, up he went, and all the while he was doing this with the most beautiful smile. After a while, Anthony's nickname became "perpetual motion," as he had a keen interest in everything and everyone around him and was always "on the go."

With each passing year, the one constant was his love for The Teenage Ninja Turtles. He loved to play with the figurines, and the only time he would actually sit down, is when he was watching them on TV. Along the way, Anthony participated in the usual boyhood sports, T-ball, soccer, ice hockey, roller blading, skate boarding, and riding his bike - if it had wheels, Anthony was on it. In his middle school years, his fascination with The Teenage Ninja Turtles led to Anthony starting Tae Kwon Do. His passion was evident, as he practiced non-stop. Eventually he earned two Black Belts and was hired by the school to teach the little new comers. As he approached High School, he continued with the Tae Kwon Do, but expanded his interest in his health, by joining his High School weight lifting team, along with doing Tae Kwon Do.

His love of the Eastern/Asian culture showed in the foods he ate, the books he read, and his general philosophy of life. I can't say that Anthony didn't enjoy pizza, wings, and a good steak, once in a while, but he was extremely disciplined with his health and followed the Eastern culture of life.

Anthony graduated from High School and started at a local community college. He wasn't sure what career he would go into, basically because there were so many things he enjoyed. He started out in Criminal Justice, knowing that having his two Black Belts would be an asset. However, he was an excellent cook, and thought about going to a culinary school. Narrowing a career down was hard for him, but he was trying to "sort it all through."

Just as he was venturing out to find himself, he was stricken with a horrible cancer. On April 19, 2007, three months shy of his 20th birthday, Anthony was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer - Stage 4. Unfortunately, Anthony fell into the 75 percent of people who don't exhibit any symptoms, until the disease has spread. After complaining of a stomachache for three weeks, and after three visits to his Dr., the pain remained. On Thursday, April 19, 2007 when the pain became so severe, we took him to the Emergency Room.  A subsequent cat scan and endoscopy discovered a tumor at the GI junction in his esophagus.

Our son knew his prognosis wasn't good, as Esophageal cancer has a less than 5 percent survival rate. Anthony faced his own mortality every, single day. He also had to deal with the chemotherapy and its side affects and radiation. We told Anthony many times that he was our Hero, and we believe that he fought for us.

This Web Site and his Foundation is our fight for him. He cared deeply about others, and we know he would be happy that we are carrying out his legacy in helping others. After a 22 month fight, we lost our precious son on March 8, 2009 at 10:12 pm. His fight was over and he went home to be with his Heavenly Father. Please join us in keeping our son's legacy alive.